Hemp food products and ingredients can be used as a flour substitute or a healthy ingredient to enrich any baking recipes that lack certain nutrients, vitamins or minerals. These natural, gluten-free, lactose-free hemp products and ingredients can be used in cakes, muffins, breads, brownies, cupcakes, cookies, truffles, pizza crust – really, the use in this industry is endless.

Hemp seed oil can replace any oil that is asked for in the recipe. To add some protein to baked goods, hemp flour or hemp protein powders can be substituted up to 1/3 cup of any regular flour. Our toasted whole seeds and hulled hemp seeds can be sprinkled on a variety of different products.

Sport Nutrition

Our 50% and 43% protein powders can be added to protein shakes after a workout or baked into protein bars. The natural protein found in hemp will help to increase the rate of recovery after an intense workout or strenuous game.

Health & Wellness

The ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 seen in our hemp seed oil makes it a perfect oil for the health and wellness industry.

Cereals, Bars & Snacks

Our toasted whole seed and hulled hemp seed adds texture and flavour to the cereal, bars and snacks all while provide all of its health benefits. Our 50% or 43% protein powder can be added to any bar to increase its nutritional value – especially its protein content. Our hulled hemp seeds or toasted whole seeds can also make a great snack all on their own.

Culinary Oils

Natural hemp seed oil can be used for sauces, dips, marinades and salad dressings. Our hemp seed oil is naturally delicious, high quality oil that doesn’t need any additional ingredients or handling.