The Hemp Oil Canada Sign Has Been Erected

You may have missed it, but if you did you definitely don’t follow us on Facebook. Shaun Crew and the rest of the fine folks at Hemp Oil Canada have been hyping up the erection of the new Hemp Oil Canada sign for weeks. Now, the sign going up doesn’t signify the completion of the job, but it is a big step in that direction. I gives the building a load of curb appeal and it was really, really cool.

Before the lift Hemp Oil Canada Sign


Above you will see a picture of the sign before it went up.  The frame laid on the lot for a couple of months before erection, but the skirting and the logo were affixed just a couple of days before.


Before the Spin Hemp Oil Canada Sign

Perhaps the neatest part of this whole process was how quickly the sign went from flat on the ground to vertical. The lift to this stage was done in just a couple of minutes.

Lifted Hemp Oil Canada Sign Vertical Hemp Oil Canada Sign


After the sign had been lifted, they disconnected the white crane, spun the whole thing – by hand – reconnected and lifted to level it off.

Placing the Hemp Oil Canada SignLowering the Hemp Oil Canada Sign


From there they slowly moved the sign into place (left) and lowered it down to the ground (right).

Side by side

Above you will see a look at the building (bottom) as well as the original drawings that the build was based on.

Pretty incredible!

Below you will find a time-lapsed video of the process.

We are getting a lot closer to a move in, soon this facility will house all of our hemp seed, production equipment as well as our hemp seed oil presses. Stay tuned for some more pictures of the interior – they will be coming soon!

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