Today, we are processing hemp food products and ingredients 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to meet the ever increasing demand for healthy, nutritious hemp foods. Although we maintain some product inventory on site, most of our processing is completed “to order” ensuring product freshness.
We inventory and offer a number of bulk wholesale sized packaging, including:

Hemp Seed Oil

  • MOQ 20L (5.28gal) pail (18.4kg net wt) HDPE black plastic with tamper evident lid and oil spout
  • 200L (52.83gal) drums (184kg net wt) HDPE black plastic with bung style spouts
  • 1000L (264.17gal) bladder in box pallet (920kg net wt.) multi-layered fibreboard container with spouted bladder loaded on a pallet

Dry Hemp Products

  • Including toasted, sterilized and hulled hemp seeds, hemp protein powders, hemp flour, coarse hemp powder and hemp coffee
  • MOQ 22.67kg (50lb) grain sacks poly woven white grain sacks
  • 907.2kg (2000lb) mini bulk tote bags
Hemp Oil Canada supplies bulk wholesale hemp food products and ingredients to:
  • Value-added food manufacturers producing a wide range of retail branded hemp food products
  • Retail brand accounts for packaging by others
  • The body care and cosmetic industry
  • Other industry for commercial or industrial use


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