Hemp Oil Canada lives it – from the raw seed stock we use, to the growing process, straight through to delivery of bulk ingredients or private label packaging – so you know that you’re buying the very best.
Hemp Oil Canada is a leader in the Canadian hemp industry for hemp seed grain production and variety replication.

Hemp Oil Canada holds the exclusive rights as the Canadian Agent for the highly popular OECD registered Finnish variety of hemp seed known as FINOLA.

To ensure a quality hemp grain supply, Hemp Oil Canada contracts directly with world class Canadian prairie farm producers who grow our hemp seed under a strict production regime. We maintain an in-house pedigreed seed replication and maintenance program to supply our contracted growers with freshest and highest germinating planting seed.

Hemp Oil Canada employs a full time agronomy team to assist our contracted growers with every aspect of hemp seed grain production. We follow our comprehensive Best Practices Guide to further assist our farm producers in growing a crop with superior yields and nutritional quality.

We promote a “win-win” partnership with our contracted growers, many of whom have loyally contracted with the company for more than a decade.

FINOLA – is a registered trademark of Finola ky, Finland

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