Toasted hemp seeds are a great way to add texture to any recipe.

Rich in dietary fibre with 15 g per 50 g of seed, toasted hemp seeds are a delicious way to add a crunchy texture and fibre to your products.

Most of the dietary fibre found in hemp is composed of insoluble fibre that also cleanses and nourishes the colon, providing good laxative action and beneficial effects on body chemistry. Toasted hemp seeds can also be used as a baking ingredient which will not only provide the nutritional benefits of hemp into your baked goodies but also the extra crunch and toasted nutty flavor of hemp.

Toasted hemp seed are whole hemp seeds carefully roasted in our custom-built hemp seed roaster at various temperatures and for varied lengths of time to provide that extra flavor.

Quick Facts

Toasted Hemp Seeds are:

  • A source of protein
  • A source of omegas-3&6
  • Very high in fibre
  • An excellent source of the essential trio: iron, zinc and copper
  • A source of calcium

  • Features

    Each 50g serving size of our toasted hemp seeds provides 6% of the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) for calcium and 45% of the RDI for phosphorus. Both calcium and phosphorus are essential macro nutrients for bone formation and for DNA and RNA production. These macro nutrients are also the most abundant nutrients found in the human body.

    That same 50g serving of toasted hemp seeds is a source of Vitamin E (10% of the RDI) and Omega-6 and Omega-3 essential fatty acids (10g and 3g per serving).

    Toasted hemp seeds contain Vitamin B2 and are high in Vitamin B1, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B9 and the essential trio: copper, iron and zinc.

    Toasted SALTED Hemp Seeds

    Toasted hemp seed is available seasoned with kosher sea salt is also low in sodium, with only 140mg of sodium per 50g serving – making it a perfect snack or food additive for everyone.


    Toasted or sterilized no-salt hemp seeds are currently available in non-GMO, Natural and Certified Organic.

    Our toasted hemp seeds are available in bulk wholesale quantities of 22.7kg (50lb) grain bags, 91kg (200lb) fiber drums and 907.2kg (2000lb) mini bulk tote bags.

    Our products are sold only to manufacturers, bulk wholesalers, distributors and businesses. We do not sell to the final consumer.

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