There is paint on the walls!

The new building is coming along nicely! The walls are all in place and the first layer of paint is going up.

Hemp Oil Canada Front Entry

Above you can see Hemp Oil Canada’s new front entrance. The exterior of the building is nearing completion.

Hemp Oil Canada        Hemp Oil Canada Management O

To the left of the main entrance you will find the management wing. The walls are up, taped and ready to be painted.

Hemp Oil look across the highway       Hemp Oil Canada Customer Care Department

To the right of the main entrance you will find  the Customer Care Department. These are the fine folks that you talk

to when you are looking to place an order.

Hemp Oil Canada Customer Care Department       Hemp Oil Canada Painted Wall

Just outside the window of the same office you can see the frame for the new Hemp Oil Canada sign that will be erected

at the edge of the property. Perhaps the most exciting development is the fact that paint is going up on the walls.

Hemp Oil Office Painter        Hemp Oil Canada Sign Frame

Only a couple of offices have paint at this point, but it is going up quickly. Can’t wait to see the completed job! We can’t

wait to see the sign go up either. The closer we get to seeing a finished product, the more excited we get.

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